Hey guys! It’s Amity. Today, I’d like to share what I’ve just experienced I somehow think some could relate.

There’s this guy. He’s in the higher level.

I fell in love with him quickly though. He’s perfect to me. He’s smart, he’s cute, some says he’s really nice, handsome, athletic and talented.

So I decided to start a conversation via Messenger. No actually, a good friend of mine said ‘hi’ using my account and he didn’t even reply. It was just a ‘hi’. All I’m asking for is a hi back.

Now, all of you probably think I’m shallow. Well, no. For some reason, he and his friends were staring at me the other week laughing. They couldn’t be laughing at someone else when I was the only one in that entire area. So there’s a possibility they found out. 

How? I don’t know. I barely told anyone  and trust me, I only tell my secrets to people I trust. 

He probably found out because I would constantly say sorry every time I seem rude.

Although I told him that it was my friend who used my account, no reply. 

Heartbreaking lol

But seriously, that hurt. I felt like a complete idiot and we’ll be seeing each other every weekday. 

He’s a douche. 


Author: almightyamity

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